Frequently Asked Questions

If you have specific questions not listed below, please give us a call at (248) 343.3193

Do I need a Florida fishing license? 

NO – Your Florida fishing license is included in the charter rate.

Should I tip the Captain?

This is up to you - The Captain works very hard to make sure you have the best experience possible.  How good the fishing is depends on the weather, tides, and the angler’s experience. Tips are appreciated. 

Who cleans our fish?

If you would like the Captain to provide quality fish cleaning once we return to the marina, the cost is $50.00 per hour.

Will I get sea sick?

The waters can be choppy at times.  If you are prone to sea sickness it is recommend to bring motion sickness medicine.  Consult your doctor on this medication.

Are there restroom facilities on-board?

YES - There is a Lav on-board.

Are shared charters available?

No – Our customers charter us because they want a private charter where they can enjoy having the boat and the captain to themselves.  This allows the Captain to make changes to their charter if the fishing is really great and they want to stay longer.

How many people can go on the Offshore Charter?

Offshore Charters are limited to a maximum of six (6).

How many people can go on the Inshore Charter?

Inshore Charters are limited to a maximum of six (6). 

How many people can go on a Sightseeing Cruise?

Sightseeing Cruises are limited to a maximum of six (6).

What do I need to bring on the Fishing Charter?

At a minimum you should bring the following items: Non spray Sun screen SPF30 or higher, Polarized sunglasses, a hat or visor and a lightweight jacket.

Can I bring my own cooler with food and beverages?

Yes – We have room on-board for small coolers. Please bring your own food, snacks and beverage of choice. We will have bottled water on-board. * Please no bottles.

Can I bring alcohol?

Yes – Please bring your beverage of choice.  It is very easy to get dehydrated so make sure you drink plenty of water.  We will have bottled water on-board. * Please no bottles.

Can I bring my own fishing rod and reel?

We suggest that you leave your rod at home and let us provide your tackle.  We supply you with the correct rod and reel combination for the fishing you will be doing.

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